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Have an event coming up?

Why not let us manage your event? If you are arranging a major dance program in the near future and want it to stand out from the rest, why not give it the BeLeste treatment? We can assist you in organising your event in ways such as providing a suitable tasteful, contemporary music selection, private or group dance classes prior to the event, choreography on the night of the event, and live demonstration performances, among other services, all of which can be provided at your location, as we will come to you.

Many of our repeat clients hire us for events such as our energising and lively school formals and socials, elegant and classy debutante balls, exciting youth club and scout troop social nights, gorgeous wedding receptions, fun birthday celebrations, and just about anything else in between. You can rely on us to bring life to your event and ensure that it is one to remember.

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Feet on Fire! - Young Adult Program

STRICTLY for Youth & Young Adults Only - approx 11 - 18 years.

Feet On Fire is an absolutely fantastic program that is designed for youngsters to discover, practice and enjoy dancing in a fun, happy and safe environment. 

With an even gender split you can be sure that there will be a dance partner for everyone.You do not need to have a partner to register and enjoy this wonderful program. 

Just as an example of the fun Feet On Fire can deliver, In 2017 everyone was lucky enough to be given the chance to attend a beautiful dancers ball hosted in Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast. This is just one example of the opportunities that this great program can provide. 

There are even performance opportunities for those that wish to get up and show everyone what they’ve got on the dance floor. Ultimately, you can expect lots of dancing fun, great music, and mixing with people of your own age group. And did we mention FUN?

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Belinda and Lester were fantastic instructors! For two people with two left feet, they taught us the basics to recover in case we messed up, how to move effortlessly, and help us put together choreography that worked wonderfully with our chosen song. They were super easy going and fun to be around and at no point did we feel like the beginners that we were. We really enjoyed learning from Belinda and Lester and would definitely recommend having them help you with your first dance!

Tiffany Yim

Belinda and Lester were fantastic teachers. Right from the start and only 5 weeks out of wedding due illness We only got 6 lessons . They taught us to believe in yourself and your partner.  We laughed and felt frustrated and cried.  We were not getting anywhere . Lester and Belinda never gave up But gave us a gift of romance and intimacy, we wont be stopping dance  lessons. Honestly  you could not find better coaches Thank you Belinda and Lester. Thank you for making our dream come true. BeLeste Dance 10/10

Mandy Davis

Belinda and Lester made our wedding day so special.  We are so thankful that we found them. We had never danced before and after 5 lessons with BeLeste, we had beautiful dance that reflected us as a couple.

10/10 would recommend ☺️

Kelsey Hanson

Belinda and Lester, thank you so much for teaching and choreographing our first dance. Thank you for your passion, kindnesses, flexibility and patience! You made our dance learning fun, and one of our favourite parts of wedding lead up.

Cara Di Benedetto

You were recommended to us by some friends and we are very thankful we found you! Thank you for teaching us how to dance.  You taught us some great steps and s beautiful, personalised dance. Your classes were fun and you were both so patient every step of the way. We really enjoyed learning our first dance for our wedding day with you.  We shocked a few people with our new dance moves and we will definitely be recommending you to all our family and friends.

Bec Thompson

Learning to dance & practicing each night gave us a much needed shared goal to conquer. In only three lessons Belinda & Lester had us gliding over the floor to specially choreographed steps for our wedding dance.

Charmaine and I would both like to thank Belinda and Lester for their time in teaching us and choreographing our special dance. It was a wonderful experience and we would highly recommend it to any couple.

Danielle Logan
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